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I was out protesting the Bodies Exhibition Cincinnat at the Museum Center with my sister last night for 3 hours.  It was pretty cold, but I had everything covered but my feet.  Yesterday, dress socks.  Tonight, wool socks!

Someone asked me what group I was with.  Group?  I’m a concerned citizen, a normal person just like you.  I think that surprised the person.  I think she expected me to be some raving lunatic protester.  No, I’m just a normal person trying to right a wrong!  

Found out last night that the Farmingham, MA show closed early due to low ticket sales.  Did you know that it was held in a closed CompUSA?  The one in Columbus too!  Since our CompUSA is still sort of open, they had to use the Cincinnati Museum Center instead.  Great job Museum Center!

Boycott Bodies the Exhibition

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