iPhone answer tones?

Saw this on macrumors.com: Apple in Mobile Music Negotiations… for WWDC?

Apple reportedly wants to expand its Ringtone library and introduce the sale of “Answer Tones”. Answer Tones are customized sounds played to callers instead of the traditional ringing sound.

I think Answer Tones are a bad idea.  The ringtone is part of the phone user interface indicating the action of calling.  When you call someone, you expect to hear a phone ringing, knowing a call is in progress. 

If I hear a song, or a joke, or a voice, I’d assume that the answering machine just picked up really quickly.  I’d never use them and it annoys me that others may choose to do so.

Sound is an important part of feedback on a user interface.  For example, I use my iPhone as my alarm clock.  I use separate sounds for my ringtone and for my alarm clock.  When my alarm rings, I want to know that it’s the alarm clock and not someone calling me on the iPhone.

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