iPhone’s killer application- the Web

From Business Week: Apple Goes Corporate

With shares down 35%, Jobs & Co. have a union between the consumer-friendly iPhone and Corporate America in mind

I think it’s pretty safe to say that current share price is not one of the reasons Apple is trying to work on corporate markets.  Most technology stocks have been hit by the slowing economy and Apple has been affected a little more since it’s tremendous run up last year.

William Markey, president of telecom consultancy RelevantC, is skeptical of Apple’s prospects. “What’s the business case for the iPhone? Being able to listen to music on your [work] cell phone?” he says.

After all this time, this analyst still doesn’t get what the iPhone is about.  Music isn’t the key to the iPhone’s success, it’s accessing the web.  With the iPhone, Apple is transforming the mobile internet like it did the music industry before it.  Before the iPhone there were phones that could access the internet, but not with the ease of use that the iPhone can.  Many of the phones were only capable of showing the most basic of pages designed with mobile phones in mind.

The iPhone was designed with the web in mind.  The large screen space and the software keyboard that pops up only when needed allows for the best web experience.  By removing the keyboard and creating a new gesturing language, Apple has stepped beyond just providing easy access to email like the Blackberry.  This is where the future of the mobile internet lies. 

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