McCain’s name nowhere to be seen at Palin rally

From CNN.com: McCain’s name nowhere to be seen at Palin rally

At a boisterous Sarah Palin rally in Polk City, Florida on Saturday afternoon, one name was surprisingly absent from the campaign décor — John McCain’s.

But on closer inspection, the GOP nominee’s name was literally nowhere to be found on any of the official campaign signage distributed to supporters at the event.

That’s the Republican strategy?  First hide Bush, now hide John McCain?

The base loves Sarah Palin, the rest of us thinks she’s a joke.
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  • Reply Sharon L. November 3, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    Well, I think it is fine to state how you feel about your opponents. However, there are many of us who do not see what you see. Gov Palin is an amazing example to my daughters. Thankfully two of them are voting age this election! 🙂

  • Reply MT November 4, 2008 at 12:15 am

    I think you’ve done an amazing job raising your family and I have nothing but admiration for you and your family. You have a large family and I am amazed at how well you have educated your children, especially the ones that I have met.
    However, we definitely disagree about Sarah Palin. And that’s the great thing about this country is that we have the freedom to disagree.
    To me, Sarah Palin represents the worst of many things. To me, she’s the girl in school that go through solely on her popularity. She’s the beauty queen, the cheerleader, not the one who studied hard in school. To many in todays society would rather be the popular person than the smartest in their class. She wouldn’t be where she was if she wasn’t pretty. Do you think John McCain would have selected her to be VP if she looked like Janet Reno?
    I also don’t like the way that Sarah Palin and the Republicans exclude those that are different from them. Attacking others by saying that these people are pro-American while others are not. If I disagree with their policies, that does not make me anti-American.
    The good thing is that I believe that more people agree with me about Sarah Palin. And tomorrow, will hopefully be the last day I’ll have to mention Sarah Palin again. Ever.
    Well, unless I want to.

  • Reply Sharon L. November 4, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    Thank you, Morris. I raised my children with my very conservative convictions: love for America and our constitution, hard work, personal responsibility, moral ethics, helping the poor, putting others first, love for the unborn, going above and beyond, respecting the Bible, etc. I do not think only conservatives have those values, but as a conservative I tried to pass mine onto my children. They believe that HOPE is something that comes from within them-not from our government. They are the ones who choose the steps they will take which will affect their futures.
    To be fair I think both sides have been exclusive. Ex: We happen to cling to our guns and our religion in our family and do not find those beliefs to be in the least bit ignorant. 🙂
    I do not agree that Gov Palin got where she is because of only her looks. (Or else I could be on that ticket. HAHA-JOKE!) She is a WA outsider and makes some people very uncomfortable with her views. I have read the whole transcripts of every interview and am really disgusted with our mainstream media and their obvious agenda. Sen McCain chose her so he wouldn’t lose the Republican conservative vote-like mine, my husbands and my daughters. He had to pull in that conservative base to have a shot at winning because he is honestly more moderate, than conservative.
    I totally love our country and will continue to be actively involved & respectful, as will my children, if Sen McCain loses. My grandparents came to this country to get away from the Bolshevik Revolution and my father fought in WWII for the US. I have a deep appreciation of what America offers to each one of us! I also respect your right to disagree on issues. I think that is what makes America great!

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