NYTimes.com: Budget Airline to Charge for Toilet Use

NYTimes.com: Budget Airline to Charge for Toilet Use

Faced with an annual loss for the first time in two decades, Ryanair, the European budget airline, confirmed on Tuesday that it plans to start charging passengers for the luxury of using the toilet on its jets.

My initial reaction was that this was pretty ridiculous.  How can you charge for using the toilet?  It seems the bad feelings generated would outweigh the revenue.

But, what if that meant lower fares for those of us who don’t need the toilet during a one hour flight?  I use the bathroom on an airplane as an absolute last resort so the only time I use it is on very long flights which Ryanair doesn’t fly.  I believe that the majority of the people who fly Ryanair don’t use the bathroom on the plane, so these passengers are subsidizing it for those who do.

So, it kind of makes sense in a way, but I am bothered by it.  Having a snack on the plane is a choice, but going to the bathroom really isn’t.

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