Perspective on Jimmy Kimmel/Ben Affleck video

From 236.com: Jimmy Kimmel Is F**king Ben Affleck, and Gays Everywhere

Kimmel and his writers, rested from being on strike, show their rejuvenated creativity by hauling out 25-year-old flaming fag stereotypes. They know a couple of certifiably straight stars pretending to be big queens will have them rolling in the aisles. So, they open with Kimmel and Affleck in an open-air bar populated by a shirtless West Hollywood harem. They stand at a bar with a blender and glass of what looks like a strawberry daiquiri, and on the bar sits a large bowl of fruit. Get it? Fruit. Get it? They’re FRUITS. Get it?

Next up, let’s see Jimmy to do a video where he’s f**king a famous negro, running around with chitlins, watermelons and a spear, while tap dancing and singing “Shortnin’ Bread.” Let the hilarity begin! 

I’ll have to admit that I found the video to be funny.  But, I realize that most of the humor is in watching two straight actors pretending to be gay by being stereotypically gay.  Should humor come at the expense of a minority group?  If it was about African Americans as described in the last paragraph, would it be funny?

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  • Reply creativity boost February 25, 2009 at 8:23 am

    I thought it was kind of derivative. It was funny, borderline offensive but not very original either.

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