Radio Shack to sponsor Lance Armstrong’s new cycling team

From ESPN.com: Source: Lance’s team lands sponsor

Radio Shack will be the primary sponsor for Lance Armstrong and Johan Bruyneel’s new cycling team, an industry source told ESPN.com’s Bonnie D. Ford on Thursday.

I was thinking it would be Nike.  What value is there for Radio Shack to sponsor Lance Armstrong?  Sponsorship seems to be one of the least effective forms of marketing.  How will being associated with Lance Armstrong help the Radio Shack brand?

I have actually been watching quite a bit of the Tour de France via live streaming on versus.com.  The athleticism and strategy of the riders is something to behold.  I think that cycling should be more popular than it is.

Team Radio Shack website

RadioShack press release

UPDATE: It seems as if RadioShack is one word instead of two.  Though media outlets seem to be using both one and two words.

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