The journey to Thailand has begun

The journey to Thailand has begun. First a quick stop in snowy and cold Minneapolis. It’s a chilly 10 degrees outside. We’ll be here for an hour before heading on to Tokyo, Japan.

Our first snafu. I had booked this flight months ago with my girlfriend and my seats together. However, now our boarding passes have us really far apart with both of us in middle seats. Not much use for trying to trade seats.

Here’s the seat in front of me. Note the complete lack of any type of entertainment system. Thanks Delta for having one of the oldest fleets on the planet. Good thing I’m well equipped for self entertainment with my iPhone and iPad. Still, it’s going to be a long flight.

Here’s the view of the screen from my seat. I’m going to enjoy watching Salt from the equivalent of a 13 inch TV.

Mmmm. Beef. I know it’s airplane food but it actually sounds good. We shall see if it’s worth the anticipation.

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