WashingtonPost.com: The Wizards Fan Who Talked Trash to Obama

From WashingtonPost.com: The Wizards Fan Who Talked Trash to Obama

A story about a little trash talking from a Washington Wizards fan with the Chicago Bulls rooting President Obama

“Heckling and having a good time are two different animals,” he explained. “I wasn’t heckling the President and I don’t heckle the players. I talk about their weaknesses. We was having a good time. He was talking trash and I was talking trash. I couldn’t believe he was that laidback and real. I loved it.”

And while they talked through much of the game, Rawls–who had never met a President–said no lines were crossed. “I wasn’t disrespectful,” he said. “I know my limits.”

So, for example, he told the President that if he was rooting for the visitors, he was “gonna have to keep it to a low roar, because we’re cheering for the Wizards over here.” Obama, in turn, repeatedly needled Rawls about the Wizards’ habit of letting leads evaporate, especially when the Bulls made a run.

“We was just going back and forth,” Rawls said. “Once Chicago started coming back, he told me, ‘Now I think you need to sit down.’ When Tyrus Thomas dunked on somebody, he turned around, was talking smack. Then JaVale McGee had that alley-oop, and he gave me the high five. We was just supporting each others’ team, having a good time.”

President Obama being a sports fan is one of the things that makes him more personable and approachable than any other President.  But, he’s still the President and there’s a fine line between what is acceptable behavior and what is not.  I’m a big sports fan too, but I find a constant chatter of trash talking to be pretty annoying, no matter how humorous it may be.  Some people don’t realize that there are fans that go to be entertained by the game and not by some idiot’s commentary.

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