Taste of Cincinnati, trash fest


People of Cincinnati and visitors to our fair city.  Will you please throw your garbage in a trash can when attending Taste of Cincinnati?  You know, those round or square containers that are placed every 15 or so feet?

Yes, I know people clean up after the festival, but what is so difficult in throwing your garbage away so that what little seating is available is somewhat sittable?

Also, I didn’t see any recycling bins for plastic bottles.  Pretty bad, especially since they were selling all soft drinks in plastic bottles.

Overall, I felt that the food was mediocre.  Good and distinctive restaurants don’t need Taste of Cincinnati for exposure and so they don’t participate.

Photo: New Ritz and Oreo Packaging

I like the Ritz and Oreo packaging that I saw the other day at Target.  It’s a much cleaner and simpler look with a design aesthetic.  I especially like the word Oreo with each letter in a white circle, reminiscent of the white icing middle.

In contrast with the beauty of the new package, we have the old Double Stuf packaging on the right.  Yes, it is spelled Double Stuf with one “f”.
OreoRitzPackaging.jpgIt looks like there may be a functional change behind the package redesign.  It looks like you can open the Oreo package and reseal it by lift the tab on the top. OreoPackaging.jpg

NYTimes.com: A Prom Divided

From NYTimes.com: A Prom Divided

“It’s awkward,” acknowledges JonPaul Edge, a senior who is white. “I have as many black friends as I do white friends. We do everything else together. We hang out. We play sports together. We go to class together. I don’t think anybody at our school is racist.” Trying to explain the continued existence of segregated proms, Edge falls back on the same reasoning offered by a number of white students and their parents. “It’s how it’s always been,” he says. “It’s just a tradition.”

It’s pretty surprising to me that this type of thing still exists.  I wonder which prom Asians would attend if you lived down there.

Photo: Protect your BMW from swine flu


More marketing genius.  Saw this at the local BMW dealership and thought it was pretty funny.  What was just your normal detailing is now Swine Flu Sanitization.  I like how the sign says that you should “Protect it”, as in your car from the Swine Flu.