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August 2010


Western & Southern Masters Tennis in Cincinnati

The Western & Southern Masters Tennis tournament is taking place this week in Mason.  My sister and I took off work and headed up for yesterday’s day session.  If you are able to go during the day, the day sessions are packed with tennis.  You’ll tire from the sun long before the tennis ends.  Lucky for us, we sat in the shade for most of the day.  During our session, we would have seen the top four seeds play if not for Roger Federer’s opponent withdrawing due to injury.

Here’s top seed Rafael Nadal serving.
WSMasters1.jpgRafael Nadal hitting one of his incredible forehand shots.
WSMasters2.jpgRafael Nadal lining up a shot.
WSMasters3.jpgThe crowd managed to find every square inch of shade in the stadium.
WSMasters4.jpgThis is Novak Djokovic serving during his match on the Grandstand court.  The Grandstand court is much smaller and more intimate than the Stadium court.  It’s open seating all the way down to the edge of the court.  Watching professionals play at close range is an incredible experience.  The amount of power and spin the pros use is unreal.
WSMasters5.jpgAfter matches on the Grandstand court, players have to walk through the crowd to get back to the locker room.  It’s one of the best chances to get an autograph.
WSMasters6.jpgBut, if you’re lucky enough to get an autograph, it may look like this:
WSMasters7.pngIf you look closely at the blob, it says “Novak Djokovic”.  I’m sure my sister, who got the autograph will be treasuring this for the rest of her life.

This tournament is one of the jewels of Cincinnati.  It’s world class tennis in a more relaxed intimate environment.

Cincinnati, Product Review

Cabana on the River

With the weather being cooler now, if you’re looking for a nice outdoor spot to grab some food and beer, I recommend the Cabana on the River.

The Cabana on the River is west of downtown Cincinnati- about a 15- 20 minute drive along the Ohio River.  It was a popular spot the night we visited in May.

cabanaontheriver1.jpgIt has a fun vibe, starting with the artificial palm trees sprouting up near the parking lot.
cabanaontheriver2.jpgThe restaurant is quite large with both a covered indoor area and a large outdoor deck.  The indoor area is covered, but still feels very open.  Lots of large long tables that are perfect for large groups.

The downside to being outdoors is that is that people can and did smoke anywhere in the place.
  cabanaontheriver4.jpgcabanaontheriver3A.jpgThere was quite a long wait for an outdoor table that night we went so we staved off our hunger with a soft pretzel that we ordered at the bar.cabanaontheriver5.jpg

It is definitely worth the wait for a table on the deck.  There’s a great view of the Ohio River from the deck.  It’s very peaceful this far from the city with trees lining the river.  The only reminder that you’re near a large city is the occasional barge that floats by. cabanaontheriver6.jpg

This was by far the best outdoor seating I’ve had in Cincinnati.cabanaontheriver7.jpgcabanaontheriver9.jpg

This is the insanely large Certified Angus Beef chuck burger.  I asked the waitress and she said it was 3/4 of a pound of meat.  For size, note the iPhone next to it.

cabanaontheriver10.jpgThe burger was so large, I ended up tossing a few scraps to the cat that came to visit us while we were eating.
After several leisurely enjoyable hours we left, finding the trees had turned to neon.  We’ll definitely be back, not so much for the food which is adequate, but for the atmosphere and the view.  cabanaontheriver11.jpg


Western & Southern Women’s Open in Cincinnati

It’s tennis time in Cincinnati.  This week it’s the Western & Southern Women’s Open.  This is truly world class tennis with all the top players here. This tournament has come a long way in a few short years- from a Tier 3 tournament to a main event on the tour, just below the Grand Slams.

We went up to Mason on Wednesday and between rain storms saw Maria Sharapova play. 
WSWomensopen.jpgThe great thing about watching tennis live is that you can focus on one player to watch how they prepare and hit their shots.  I’ve been taking tennis lessons for years and I’ve been told that the pros will take 10-14 steps in between every shot.  It’s definitely true with Maria Sharapova.  Her feet are constantly moving and hitting the court just like jackhammers.  I’ve tried this before and I think I can do this for about 5 minutes max.  Their conditioning is just incredible.
WSWomensopen2.jpgThe facilities have gotten a facelift since last year with more seats and new luxury boxes on the western side of the stadium.
WSWomensopen3.jpgUnderneath this, there’s a new players entrance where fans can line up and watch players exit.
WSWomensopen4.jpgThe finals take place this weekend and then the men’s tournament begins.  It’s a great event and I highly recommend it.


Shepard Fairey CAC Canvas Print

ShepardFaireyCACCanvas.jpgI picked up the new Shepard Fairey CAC Canvas print over the weekend.  They’re available now at the CAC for members for $45.  The Canvas prints seems to be Shepard Fairey’s new style that captures the collage elements of his fine art pieces.  This one is printed with black, cream, and silver inks.  I like it better than the red ones that we released at the opening.

Shepard Fairey’s exhibit at the CAC closes August 22.


Installing ImageMagick on Media Temple (dv)

UPDATE: 2/10/11  I just found this entry again while Googling how to reinstall ImageMagick after moving from Media Temple (dv) 3.5 to (dv) 4.  The funny thing is that I had totally forgotten that I had written this entry.  I’ve updated the entry with some adjustments that I made to the procedure.

This post won’t mean much to most of you, but maybe it’ll be helpful to someone trying to install ImageMagick on (dv) 3.5 or (dv) 4.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to researching on the internet on how to install ImageMagick on MediaTemple (dv) for use with MovableType.  Much of what I used came from this article: How do I upgrade ImageMagick?

First, install developer tools on MediaTemple within the admin panel and allow root access.

I logged into the sever using SSH as the root.

I had intially used yum to install ImageMagick, but it installed a pretty old version that I needed to remove using:
yum remove ImageMagick

I downloaded a new version of ImageMagick, using:

Decompress the file and change to the directory.
tar -zxvf ImageMagick*.tar.gz
cd ImageMagick*

Once in the directory, I compiled and installed ImageMagick:
make install

Tested ImageMagick (shouldn’t report an error):
convert logo: logo.gif
This didn’t seem to do anything for me, but didn’t report an error.

For me, after doing this, MovableType was still not recognizing ImageMagick but I found out from the MovableType forums that I needed to compile PerlMagick.

Remember the ImageMagick source tarball has PerlMagick (the perl modules and libraries MT requires) bundled with it. So once ImageMagick is installed, navigate to the PerlMagick directory inside of the source tarball and run as root:

I entered the PerlMagick directory which was inside the ImageMagick directory and entered the following commands:
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

The make test showed some errors.  It seems that PerlMagick was not finding the ImageMagick files.
I typed the following and then recompiled.
echo /usr/local/lib >> /etc/

I ran the make test and the make install and this time it worked!


Moving servers…

During the last several days I’ve been moving my blog from a shared hosting service at to a dedicated server at  Bluehost is dirt cheap, but you really get what you pay for.  You’re sharing your server with a lot of other people.  A runaway program on someone else’s site can take your website down.  Downtime and general sluggishness was becoming a major issue for my business website so I had to make a change.

A dedicated server is great, but it comes as a big empty shell.  You pretty much have to install the programs you use through the command line. After many hours of work I’ve successfully got things back up and running.  So I will be back to blogging soon!