Custom Pen Marketing Fiasco

Having your own business means getting lots of solicitations from companies that want your business.  I guess custom pens are a big business because I am often sent pen samples even though I have never purchased any.

Last week, I got a pen sample unlike any that I’ve ever gotten before.

Dear Morris Tsai,

I designed and produced the enclosed full-color
sample especially for you.
It was a labor of love, and I hope you
agree it looks terrific. Actually my whole company is buzzing with
excitement for you.
Everyone who saw your pen loved it!  I took the
liberty of producing this custom-designed sample to make a dramatic
statement and to demonstrate to you how important your account is and
will be to my company and me. I’m sure you’ll agree you’ve never seen
anything like this before. My patented graphic process is creating a
buzz in the promotional pen industry!

I understand that the image we created for you may not be exactly how
you want it. NO PROBLEM!

(bold, my emphasis)

Here’s the pen:
PenDamage1.pngand the other side:
PenDamage2.pngNothing says incompetence more than having a pen that says it.

If a sample pen was damaged during production, wouldn’t you just make another to send instead of sending a pen that said that the original pen was damaged? 

Copy of the letter:


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