ESPN.com: William Perry gets Super Bowl ring back

ESPN.com: William Perry gets Super Bowl ring back

It’s a great story, William “The Refrigerator” Perry, down on his luck gets his Super Bowl ring back as a gift from a 10 year old boy, Cliff Forrest.

And how did 10 year old Cliff get the ring?  By buying from a sports bar using $8,500 from his college fund!

Cliff used money he had been saving for college to purchase the ring after seeing it at Mickey Mantle’s restaurant and sports bar in New York City. The establishment also has a sports memorabilia section. Cliff Forrest Sr., who owns Rosebud Mining Company in Pittsburgh, said the ring was purchased for $8,500.

“When Cliff saw the ring, he said he had to have it,” Tracy said. “Once I saw the price, I said, ‘Absolutely not. We’re not buying the ring.’

“He ended up taking money out of his savings account. We told him it was money for college, but he ended up getting the ring.”

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