Hillary’s Campaign Debt

From NYTimes.com: For Clinton, Millions in Debt and Few Options

An interesting story about Hillary and her campaign debt.

Otherwise, the most discussed option is for Mr. Obama, now the presumed nominee, to encourage his fund-raising team to help her with a series of joint events.

Campaign finance laws prohibit Mr. Obama from simply transferring money from his war chest to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. But Mr. Obama’s fund-raisers could ask their donors to give to Mrs. Clinton.

This going to be a tough sell to a lot of Obama supporters.  If Hillary had gotten out of the race sooner, when it was pretty clear she wasn’t going to win, she would not have as much debt as she has now.

And in one of the more memorable cases of debt, former Senator John Glenn of Ohio ended his 1984 Democratic presidential bid with nearly $3 million in debt. He struggled for more than 20 years to pay it off until the Federal Election Commission issued him a reprieve.

I didn’t know this.  When you see debt associated with politicians, you just assume that they figure out some way to make it go away.

Some of Mrs. Clinton’s largest outstanding bills are to some of her closest advisers, who might be willing to cut her a deal. Mrs. Clinton, for example, owes nearly $5 million to the firm of her former pollster and senior strategist, Mark Penn.

There’s your problem!  5 Million dollars for that strategy?  He should certainly be offering some of that back.

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