Hillary’s First Lady role in Irish Peace

From Foxnews.com: Hillary Had No Role in Irish Peace, Despite Bill’s Claim

Recently, as only Hillary can do, she claimed that she was “deeply involved in the Irish peace process.” Bill has also picked up the theme, citing her “independent” role in resolving the century-old conflict as “experience” with which to justify a White House run.

How odd that Hillary forgot to mention her pivotal role in Ireland just four years ago, when she wrote her $8 million memoir, Living History.

According to Hillary, while Bill met with the “various factions” of Irish politics, Hillary met with women leaders of the peace movement. Rather than discuss the difficulties of the peace process, Hillary focused on a teapot used by the women:

“They poured tea from ordinary stainless steel teapots, and when I remarked how well they kept the tea warm, Joyce insisted that I take a pot to remember them by. I used that dented teapot every day in our small family kitchen in the White House…”

Hillary seems determined to spin being the wife of the President as some kind of foreign policy credential.  As the article shows, Hillary doesn’t even claim the accomplishments as “ours”, but “Bill’s”, like she’s just a bystander.  Being First Lady doesn’t make you more qualified to be President.  Otherwise, why don’t we just have Laura Bush takeover?

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