Photos: Earth Day at Sawyer Point

Kind of stumbled across Earth Day celebrations over the weekend at Sawyer Point.  Here are some photos that I took with my iPhone.

EarthDay1.jpgMaybe I’ve just never noticed, but I didn’t know that flowers will bloom on the trunk of a tree.
Earthday2.jpgHere is a child’s first experience at kayaking.
Earthday3.jpgMascots lining up for a parade.  Not exactly sure what the deal is with the cockroach and the flags.
Earthday4.jpgA giant tank of all sorts of fish that can be found in the Ohio River.
Earthday5.jpgIt’s the Toyota recycling mascot.  Strangely enough, I ended up carrying a paper cup much of the time because I couldn’t find a place to recycle it.


Serpentine Wall from the Purple People Bridge

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