The End.


From Boston.com: History derailed

The picture pretty much sums up Super Bowl XLII.  The Patriots go from being the best team to the biggest disappointment ever.  It’s an amazing accomplishment to win 18 straight games, but not being able to close out the Super Bowl is going to haunt them even more than any other Super Bowl loser.  They seemed to be a team of destiny, able to will themselves to victory at the end of the game.  You never got the feeling that they were going to lose.  But, the Super Bowl was different.  Tom Brady was different.  In the third quarter you could see something different in Tom Brady’s eyes.  Almost a look of confusion.  It’s something I had never seen before.  But, still they followed pattern and took the lead with 3 minutes left.  The last drive usually goes the Patriots’ way as the quarterback usually makes an error and throws an interception that ends the game.  But not this game.

I mocked Eli Manning’s Citizen Eco-Drive Unstoppable ad in an earlier blog entry.  He’s still not unstoppable.  Now that Tom Brady has been stopped, no one is “unstoppable”.  It’ll be interesting to see where Eli Manning goes from here.  Has he finally turned the proverbial corner or has he just had an extended hot streak?

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