Upgrading to Movable Type 5.01

I’m in the process of upgrading the site’s blog software to Movable Type 5.01 so some things might be broken while other things might seem strange (like the rooster picture at the top of the page).

I’ve learned a few things while installing the software.
1. Clean install.  I think it’s pretty much a requirement to do a clean install.  I tried dragging it over a 4.25 installation and that was a total mess.  Movable Type 5.01 is a major upgrade and it should be installed into a parallel directory.
2. Website vs. Blog  Movable Type 5.01 allows you to create a website and then sub-blogs to the website.  Movable Type 5.01 wants to treat morristsai.com as the website and the blog as a separate item within the website. So if you look at the top of the page “The Journey is the Reward” is listed twice since I named the site and the blog the same thing.  I need to figure out how to get rid of one of them.

UPDATE: It turns out that you can just ignore the website part and just publish your blog to the root.  I had some template issues because I had published the blog AND the website to the root and it was causing problems, but I’m now starting to get things under control.

3. Administration user interface.  I find the new one confusing and having a little trouble with figuring out site management vs. blog management.  I’m not used to the new layout and it’s slowing me down.
4. Documentation.  The documentation for Movable Type is not good.  The forum has been helpful for some things, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of action there.

UPDATE: The forums are still pretty empty.  Not a lot of buzz on this, but so far it seems to be working OK.

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